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Our translation methodology is sophisticated and innovative. From a two-way communication to an effective management system that caters to all budget requests. A monitoring process, proofreading, editing and control of delivery. We guarantee confidentiality.

Personal communication on translation:

All management of the translation process is communicated to you. Our translators monitor the process until its delivery.

Once the team is identified for the translation to be carried out, the process starts. We accept urgent requests. We also help organize events where simultaneous interpretation is necessary. We will assess the different possibilities.

Proofreading control and delivery by professional translators:

The translations are thoroughly proofread before delivery, with the possibility of models in specific formats. Delivery is by email, mail and fax or to hand.

Ask for a quote: silvia@yanez.ca

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  1. Tamara Pina says:

    Hello, I need clarification on the format that I use to send my thesis to translate into French. Also require a quote for conference interpreting services from Spanish to French. Thank you very much for your excellent services.

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